Nicaragua: What Difference Could A Revolution Make?

Joseph Collins the internationally recognized author, researcher,  lecturer and media consultant on third- world food and agricultural policies written the 3rd updated and revised edition of “Nicaragua: What Difference Could A Revolution Make?” with the help of Frances Moore Lappe, Nick Allen, and Paul Rice. This book that I’ve read were about Statistical Tables, Chronology


of Nicaragua’s Political History, and Research Guide. They entitled the first chapter “Nicaragua is a School.” “Nicaragua es una escuela” – from Nicaraguans about what they’d felt through the process of changed.

There were two things Nicaraguans testified: Government Policy ‘logic of the majority’ and ‘broad support for new government’s policies (among the poor rural majority)’.

For me, “Nicaragua: What Difference Could A Revolution Make?” is one of the most educational articles and a must read. Actually, am still reading this book. My auntie had given this book to me three years ago but I only read this now because I always read Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene and the others by Stephen King. Well, I’d regret that I didn’t take time to read this. You should read this, too! Better late than never!

“I wish to thank Peggy Lauer for her proofreading assistance on this edition,and also Maria Eder, M.D. for checking Spanish
usage.”-Joseph Collins
15th February 1986


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